Special / Honorary Talks

2023-08-29:  "Future Cybersecurity: Hybrid Threats Require Balanced Preparation."  Main Lecture at Honorary International Professor investiture ceremony, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo. Pachuca, Mexico.

Government Testimony

2021-01-27: Written testimony to the Maryland Senate Economic Matters Committee regarding the proposed ‘Right to Repair’ legislation. (co-signed with Dr. Avi Rubin, JHU)

2019-06-26: Written and oral estimony before the Maryland’s Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Biotechnology regarding state cybersecurity preparedness and the Maryland Technology Intern Program (MTIP).

Academic Conference Presentations (Juried/Refereed)

Forno, R. (2019). “Communicating Risk Across Audiences: Industry Insights & Proposed Improvements.” SIGDOC ’19 The 37th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication. Portland, OR.

Forno, R. (2018). “Thinking Differently — And Beyond – Cyber.” Keynote, 13th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Cybersecurity (ICCWS). Washington, DC.

Forno, R. (2016). “The Chaos of Context: Presentation, Perception, and Agency.” Keynote and Paper Presentation, ACM SIGDOC 2016. Washington, DC.

Forno, R. and Pearson, E. (2015). “Realistically Imaging the Internet: Understanding and overcoming perceptions when educating policymakers, parents, and the public about technology risks.” Discussion Draft Presented at AOIR 2015: Digital Imaginaries in Phoenix AZ, October 2015.

Panelist: “Is There A Meaningful Solution for Security Disclosure in a Democratic Society?” (Forno, R., McDonald, P, and Matwyshyn, A.) Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2015. Alexandria, VA (October 2015).

Forno, R., Fire Talk: “Autonomy in Cyberspace: Are We Heading to the Days of Future Past?” at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2014. Warrenton, VA. (July 2014)

Panelist, “Cyber Defense Competitions.” Innovations in Cybersecurity Education Workshop (ICEWS). Baltimore, MD. (June 2014)

Forno, R., “Technological Determinism: Is The Future Behind Us?” Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. (October 2005)

“Fostering Student Interest in Cybersecurity and STEM Through Interscholastic Competition: The Maryland Cyber Challenge”, CSEE Research Review 13. (April 2013)

Industry/Professional Presentations (list may not be current)

Plenary Panelist, US-Romania Cybersecurity Partnership. Washington, DC. (November 2022)

Panelist, Strategic Romanian Cybersecurity Collaborations. Bucharest, RO (October 2022)

Panelist, Maryland State Insurance Administration Cybersecurity Workshop. Baltimore, MD. (October 2022)

“Contact Tracing & Privacy”. Lunchtime panel discussion hosted by BWTECH. Baltimore, MD. (June 2020)

“Cybersecurity during COVID-19 and other emergences.” UMBC Center for Cybersecurity. (May 2020)

Plenary Panelist, USC Annenberg Center Election Integrity Conference. Columbia, MD. (January 2020)

Plenary Workshop Facilitator, “Cybersecurity Challenges for Corporate Boards” (4 hours) at the American Association of Corporate Directors 2019 Conference. Washington, DC. (November 2019)

Plenary Panelist, “Ransomware” at the Maryland Government Auditors Association 2019 Conference. Baltimore, MD. (October 2019)

Plenary Panelist, (Town Hall) at the DreamPort Election Integrity 2020 Conference. Columbia, MD (October 2019)

Keynote, “Cybersecurity Trends For Businesses” at the KatzAboch Government Contracting Symposium, Jessup, MD (January 2019)

Plenary Panelist, “The Dark Side of Data: When Information is Weaponized” at the SAP NS2 Summit, Tysons Corner, VA (October 2018)

Plenary Panelist, “Cyber Wars, the Secrets, the Spies” at the inaugural GreatTalks Speaker Series. Baltimore, MD. (December 2017)

Panelist, “Growing and Sustaining Talent to Cultivate the Future Workforce” at the 2017 Intelligence Community (IC) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Recruitment Summit. Bethesda, MD (June 2017)

Panelist, “How Government and Higher Education is Spurring Innovation” at Howard County’s CYBER 8 Conference. Columbia, MD. (June 2017)

Closing Plenary Panelist, “Information Security Programs in Academia” at Schmoocon 2016. Washington, DC. (January 2016)

Moderator, Cybersecurity Panel at UMBC’s Spring 2015 Research Forum: High-Performance Computing Modeling, Simulating and Visualizing our Changing World. Baltimore, MD. (May 2015)

“Point, Click, Score: Building and Running Student Cyber-Competition Organizations” at the inaugural BSides Charm. Baltimore, MD. (April 2015)

Closing Plenary Panelist, “Get Off My Lawn: Examining Change through the Eyes of The Old Guard” at Schmoocon 2015. Washington, DC. (January 2015)

Panelist, “Cybersecurity Professionalism” at the FEDCYBER Roundtable in Tysons Corner, VA. (November 2014)

Moderator, “Lessons from the Edge: Cybersecurity—Balancing Promise with Privacy” Panel at the Council of State Governments – Eastern Regional Conference (CSG-ERC) 2014 Annual Meeting and Regional Policy Forum. Baltimore, MD. (August 2014)

Panelist, “Countering Surveillance: Probing The Censors.” Surveillance on Civil Society Organizations: A Focus on Lived Experiences. Internews AGAINST Project. Washington, DC. (July 2014)

Panelist, “Cloud Services – where is your data stored and who has access to it?” at the North American Digital Economy Summit Beyond the Borders: A Trilateral Dialogue on Protecting Data Flow. San Diego, CA. (December 2013)

Panelist, “Creating the Cyber Curricula for Success” at the NCSI Cyber Education Symposium. Arlington, VA. (November 2013)

Panelist, “Community of Cyber Innovation: Educate, Innovate, Integrate, and Accelerate” at CyberMaryland 2012, Baltimore, MD. (October 2012)

Panelist, “Recruiting for Cyber: The War on Talent” at Defense Daily’s Cybersecurity Summit, Washington, D.C. (October 2012)

“Educating the Cyber Workforce” at Getting Down to Business sponsored by the Howard County (MD) Chamber of Commerce. (October 2012)

Panelist, “Hacktivism, Vigilantism, & Collective Action in a Digital Age” at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C. (December 2011)

“Cybersecurity Information Sharing: A New Perspective for Policymakers” at the Policy Studies Organization’s Dupont Summit, Washington, DC. (December 2011)

Panelist, “Resistance and Technology Roundtable Part 1: Regulation, Structure, and Resistance” at the Association of Internet Researchers AOIR 12 Conference, Seattle, WA. (October 2011)

Panelist, “Characterizing Adversaries in Cyberspace” at the FEDCYBER Roundtable in Washington, DC. (October 2011)

“Security of Industrial Systems: How is it different from IT security?” at the UMBC Industrial Control Systems Security Conference, Baltimore, MD. (November 2010)

Panelist, “Developing Actionable Cybersecurity Intelligence” at INFOWARCON 2010, Washington, DC. (October 2010)

Moderator, “US Cybersecurity Panel” at INFOWARCON 2009 , Washington, DC. (October 2009)

“Quantifying Cybersecurity Disclosure” at Sandia National Labs Counterterrorism & Security Conference, Albuquerque, NM. (July 2008)

Keynote, “Cybersecurity: The Emperor Has No Clothes and I Feel A Draft!”, at the Northern Ohio Technological Advancement Conference (NOTACON ’05) Cleveland, OH. (May 2006)

Keynote, “Cybersecurity Trends & Tribulations”, AUSCERT ’06, Brisbane, Australia. (May 2006)

Breakout Workshop Session “Software Security” AUSCERT ’06, Brisbane, Australia. (May 2006)

Keynote, “The Changing Face of Security Analysis: Community-Based Security Informatics”, at the Northern Ohio Technological Advancement Conference (NOTACON ’05) Cleveland, OH. (May 2005)

Keynote, Information Security World, Sydney, Australia. (August 2004)

Moderator, “OSX Security Birds of a Feather”, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) San Francisco, CA. (July 2004)

Panelist, “Cybersecurity: Threats and Responses, National Press Club, Washington, DC. (May 2004)

Keynote, “Red Pill View of Cybersecurity” at the Northern Ohio Technological Advancement Conference (NOTACON ’04) Cleveland, OH. (April 2004)

Keynote, “Cybersecurity Challenges in a Post-9/11 World” at the DOD Defense Technical Information Center Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA. (March 2004)

Panelist, “Developing Cybercrime Laws: Issues and Frameworks.” Delivered to the Sao Paulo Legislative Organization. Sao Paulo, Brazil. (US State Department-sponsored trip) (February 2003)

Keynote, “Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Cyberwarfare” delivered to the Agência Brasileira de Inteligência. Brasilia, Brazil. (US State Department-sponsored trip) (February 2003)

Plenary Panelist, “Cybersecurity and Commercial Aviation in a Post-9/11 World” at the International Air Transport Association AVSEC ’03 Conference, Athens, Greece. (January 2003)

Breakout Session, “Fourth Generation Warfare” at INFOWARCON ’03. Washington, DC. (January 2003)

“History, Detection, and Investigation of Malicious Code” to the Regional Computer Forensics Group (RCFG) Annual Computer Crime Conference. Fairfax, VA. (August 2002)

“PKI and SSL: E-Business Enabler or House of Cards?” at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, Santa Clara, CA. (January 2002)

Other Presentations

Selected Invited Talks / Guest Lectures (internal to UMBC)

Presentation, “From Service to Scholarship – Final Report on Hrabowski Fund Project to bring Green Zone Training to UMBC.” UMBC Provost’s 6th Teaching Symposium (September 2019)

Guest Lecture, “Weaponizing Information”, CSEE CyberDefense Lab, (September 2019)

Guest Lecture, “DRM, Deep Fakes, and the Availability-Authority Paradox”, CMSC 304 (April 2019)

Guest Lecture, “Cybersecurity and Crisis Response” EHS Departmental Talk (March 2019)

Guest Lecture, “Introduction to Cybersecurity”, IS 101 (Introduction to Computer Based Systems) (December 2018)

Guest Lecture, “Cybersecurity Breaks Disciplines!” INDS Departmental Talk (September 2018)

Guest Lecture, “The Media and Hacker Mythology.” CSEE Departmental Talk (March 2017)

Guest Lecture, “Cybersecurity in 2016” MCS 101 (Media Literacy) (April 2016)

Guest Lecture, “Information Flows and Contextual Conflict” IS 728 (Online Communities) (March 2016)

Guest Lecture, “Cybersecurity, Big Data, and Opportunities Therein” IS 698 (Data Analytics) (May 2015)

Guest Lecture, “Introduction to Cybersecurity”, IS 101 (Introduction to Computer Based Systems) (December 2014)

Guest Lecture, “Incident Handling”, CMSC 691 (Malware Analysis) (September 2014)

Guest Lecture, “Information Flows and Contextual Conflict” IS 728 (Online Communities) (April 2014)

Guest Lecture, “Information Age Conflict – It’s More Than You Might Think!”, CMSC 304 (Ethics in IT) (November 2013)

Guest Lecture, “Cybersecurity and Internet Policy”, CMSC 304 (Ethics in IT) (March 2013)

Guest Lecture, “Incident Handling”, CMSC 691 (Malware Analysis) (September 2012)

Guest Lecture, “Cryptology’s Bearing on Internet Evolution and Culture”, CMSC 443 (Cryptology) (October 2012)

Selected Invited Talks / Guest Lectures (external to UMBC)

“The Cognitive Dimension of Cyber”. Evening talk to the Virginia Tech Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL), Arlington, VA. (November 2018)

“Weaponized Information, crafting reality, and targeting the world’s most exploitable information systems” Evening talk to the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) National Capitol Chapter, Washington, DC. (October 2018)

“Crypto, Security, and Policy: Grey areas, meta-issues and more.” Lunchtime Talk to InternetNZ, Wellington, NZ. (November 2016)

“Covering Cybersecurity: Let Context Drive The Coverage.” Associated Press Washington DC Bureau. (July 2015)

“Cybersecurity Observations for Business: Lessons Learned.” Southwest Baltimore Economic Forum Breakfast Meeting. Baltimore, MD. (February 2015)

“Cyber Threats in 2014: Separating Myth from Reality.” Leadership Baltimore County Summer Breakfast Meeting. Baltimore, MD. (July 2014)

“Design of Effective Professional Cybersecurity Masters’ Degrees” Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF) Cybersecurity Working Group. College Park, MD. (March 2013)

“Cyber-Insecurity: Rebooting our National Approach.” Association of Old Crows Capitol Club Lunch Meeting. Arlington, VA. (October 2011)

“National cybersecurity considerations.” International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Baltimore Chapter Meeting. (November 2010)

“Internet Evolution: Past as Prologue.” Curtin University of Technology Department of Internet Studies, Perth, Australia. (August 2004)

“Cybersecurity industry partnerships with academia” at the Northern Virginia Community College System Annual Program Planning Meeting. Charlottesville, VA. (June 2003)